Help - Can we just email the virtual camp?

Yes absolutely! Content can be emailed at the beginning of the camp week or daily, or as an event length of your choice.  The content is made for different posting styles but is created for 5 days of activities.  I actually receive content from my kids schools both weekly and daily both via email and social media and I prefer email.
Camps may be offered for a fee or just to show appreciation for customer loyalty as you offer a fun way to interact with kids while they are at home.  The great thing about our virtual camps are not only the virtual and digital experience, but the IN GYM guides included as well for when your doors are back open and kids resume activities. These summer camp guides will structure your summer camps if you decide to reuse the content in person with kiddos.
Many coaches use the camp content as an idea for what to teach during their zoom classes and because the content is all illustrated, it can and should be shared with kids and families!