FUNLETICS Amazing Race Virtual Camp
FUNLETICS Amazing Race Virtual Camp

FUNLETICS Amazing Race Virtual Camp

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The following are included in your instant download: 

  1. Daily checklist to implement and run virtual camp - 1 TOTAL
  2. At a Glance Camp Overview - 1 TOTAL
  3. Family Fun Fitness Spinner - 1 TOTAL
  4. Family Game Board 1 TOTAL
  5. Warm Up Challenge 1 TOTAL
  6. Done-For-You Animated Social Media Posts  - 5 TOTAL
  7. Daily Home Obstacle Course Set Ups - 5 TOTAL
  8. Daily Coloring Pages - 5 TOTAL
  9. Editable Award Certificate 1 TOTAL
  10. Art Files 1 TOTAL
  11. Coaches Quick Start PDF Version
  12. Campers PDF Version

    BONUS: In Gym Camp Guides - for use when your biz doors are back open!

    1. Camp guide for 5 day camp FULL day
    2. Camp guide for 5 day camp HALF day
    3. Camp guide for 3 day camp FULL day
    4. Camp guide for 3 day camp HALF day

    All files delivered in both .PDF and .JPEG format.

    Full resolution art file formats ready to post for content to create engagement.

    When selecting the logo branding option - please email us your logo after purchase so we may add it to all materials.  After receiving your logo art file, we will return your email with updated, branded content.

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